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Book a free initial discovering session

Esempi del mio lavoro

Book your free initial session and let’s discover how Neurolanguage coaching® can both efficiently and effectively improve YourEnglish.

My job consists of accompanying you on a personalized course based on your time, your preferences, your learning style. Your goals will also become mine. I will be by your side to guarantee the achievement of your dream and your success.

If you want to book a free coaching call, contact me now!

We'll then meet for a 90-minute session to talk about your motivation, vision, and how to get from one to the other. Together we'll determine the goals you want to reach and figure out which specific actions will get you there. By the end of our session, you'll be very clear on what particular part of the language you need to work on. You'll have defined exactly in which situations you want to improve your English and precisely by what date. You'll also be aware of what you can do to keep your brain calm and in the best possible state for learning and speaking English nervousness-free.

You book a Free Mentoring Call with me.

Together we explore and dig into your motivation, learning style and language goals. These could be a presentation, an elevator pitch, an exam or even a bigger project such as working and studying abroad.

After this 1st session you identify your objectives, turn them into SMART GOALS and learn them at your pace. You are your goal setter. All the content click with you.

After this Free Mentoring Call you are ready to start with your Language Sessions.


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