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I am Alessandro

Polyglot, Mathematician, Knowledge Spreader,
Neurolanguage Coach®

Since my early days


Being born and grown in a bilingual Italian-Slovenian family in an Italian town positioned at the crossroad of the Italic, Slavic and Germanic worlds I realized already in my childhood and teenage years how nice and useful is to know several languages and cultures and being able to quickly jump from one to another. Whenever is needed or just for fun!


What did I study?


I am a holder of:

  • Master (MSc) in Mathematics
    * which I consider the most universal and widespread language, together with music

  • Master (Msc) in Economics
    * with a focus on optimization of process, multiple-choice decision making

  • Technical certifications related to:
    Investment Management, Project Management, Risk Analysis, Data Analysis, and Neurolanguage Coaching®


Where did I work?


Most recently and for several years in the:


  • Financial sector:
    Manager of a risk analysis and reporting department in a prominent British investment management company
    * The aspects that I liked the most in my position there were the chances to be a coach and mentor for my colleagues spreading knowledge among them, and also my super user role in IT development and change projects

  • Supranational public sector:
    Translator and financial analyst at the European Parliament
    * A full immersion in an international environment


Turning the page and moving on in the world of the languages

Both workplaces I mentioned above had in common the location (Luxembourg) and an international and multicultural open atmosphere where the communication can naturally and instantly pass from one language to another.


Being able to understand and speak several languages facilitates the expression and sharing of ideas and opinions, avoids misunderstandings and, last but not least, opens the hearts of people.

Such kind of environments are wonderful playgrounds for polyglots like myself.

Indeed, they offer numerous opportunities to improve and put in practice linguistic skills. On a daily basis, in formal and informal situations.


... and I took the opportunity


When a colleague of mine, who knew that I speak several languages, asked me whether I would have been available for helping her to improve her Italian, I accepted.

Later other colleagues and acquaintances who heard that I provide language lessons came to me with the same request. To teach them from scratch or to help them to improve Italian (and not only Italian).

I received so many positive feed-backs that I developed a passion for helping people learning languages.

After having achieved the Advanced Neurolanguage Coach® certificate, I decided to change my professional and life path and to continue in this direction.

I speak Italian, English, French, Slovenian, German, Slovak, Serb-Croatian and may partially understand some other  languages like for example Spanish and Czech.

How have I managed to speak so many languages?

By following different paths and with different motivation sources.

Yet by looking back I can affirm that the common point for all of them consists in getting rid of all possible fears and putting in practice and challenge my limited knowledge whenever possible. Specially by speaking to people with high language proficiency. Yes, even by doing my very first steps within the world of a new language.

I firmly believe that everybody is able to do the same and more with whatever language she/he would like to progress in.

It's just a matter of motivation, of following your own learning style, of fixing your own short- and long-term goals and gradually building your self-confidence.

These are some of the fundamental ingredients of the Neurolanguage Coaching method.

If you'd like to know more about the Neurolanguage Coaching method and how it may be useful in your case don't hesitate to book a 30-minutes

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