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Coaching and Conversations

for Individuals

For your convenience please find here below some examples of standard length packages proposed.

No worries if they are not exactly what you are looking for.

In fact, in any case the sessions length, frequency and content are always tailored according to the individual language learner's desires, goals, needs.

NeuroLanguage Coaching

Standard Packages Available:

  • 4 sessions of 1h or 1h30

  • 12 sessions of 1h or 1h30

  • 24 sessions of 1h or 1h30


  • One Initial Session to identify your goals, define the actions to reach them, assess your motivation and engagement and give form to your language learning roadmap.

  • One additional 15 minutes check-in call before each session

  • Life time access to the lesson recordings (if agreed) and notes

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Language Conversations

Standard Packages Available:

  • 1h - 30 €

  • 10h - 275 €

  • 20h - 500 €

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Other language related requests

If you have a specific request please contact me to discuss about it and agree on a personalized program, just for you

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