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Neurolanguage Coaching ®

What is Neurolanguage Coaching®?

It’s a method/approach that combines coaching and neuroscience principles into the language learning process with the aim to help people to learn a language better, more efficiently, in a potentially faster manner with a long-lasting effect.

Language coaching

In what does it differ from the traditional language teaching and learning?

It brings elements from the coaching profession such as structure (motivation, goal setting, action setting, commitment, goal review) and ICF standards (ethics, guidelines, competences, and principles). The delivery is done by means of a brain-friendly communication in order to troubleshoot and work on your emotional triggers and blocks related to language and learning process.



What does it stand for?


The method is based on neuroscience, emotional intelligence, psychology theories and practices.

Every brain is unique. After a diagnosis of how you learn we create together a personalized (brain-friendly language learning) roadmap to you.


Neurolanguage Coaching® is a registered trademark held by Rachel Marie Paling.

In you'd like to learn more about this language learning approach please click on the below button and download the Neurolanguage Coaching® brochure.

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