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​Learning a Language
Your Way, Fearlessly, Effectively,
with a Lot of Pleasure

Dear language enjoyer,

Let me start by telling you

the short story of....

The Flying Language

Can you really let a language fly for you?


You can!

And I can support you with my expertise.

It's just a matter of motivation.

Your motivation.

You choose your destination and the most comfortable way for you to reach it.

I assist you to create your own personal route and accompany you along it. 


You are the pilot.

I am at your side and introduce you to the tools that can help you:

To reach your goals.

To get rid of your potential fears to fall.

(by providing you, if necessary, with a safe parachute).

To gain self-confidence.


When you land we celebrate your achievement together.

By becoming conscious that you are able to linguistically fly wherever you want

you will hardly wait to define another personal language route


to take off towards another destination.



With a smile in your eyes.

Gently learning a language
in an efficient and cost-effective way

The above letting-a-language-fly story briefly and metaphorically illustrates a brain-friendly and tailor-made method where coaching and neuroscience principles are combined into the language learning process.

With the support of an expert everybody desiring and willing to learn a language is helped to do it better, more efficiently, in a potentially faster manner and with long-lasting effects.

Such a method is called

Neurolanguage Coaching®

and the expert is a

Neurolanguage Coach®.

Or book immediately a

Key characteristics of the
Neurolanguage Coaching® approach

We know that no two brains
are the same. That's why
the sessions are shaped following your learning style, desires and motivation.

You are the full owner of your language learning.

goal driven approach

You are the (SMART) goal setter by choosing your objectives and the actions and rhythm to achieve them.
Together we leverage your motivation to maintain commitment.

Learner centerdness

brain-friendly learning

The conversations between the learner and the neurolanguage coach are carried on in a safe, confidential and relaxed atmosphere.
Potential emotional triggers and blocks
related to language and learning process are troubleshooted and worked on.

leveraging Connections between target and known languages

The brain learns through associations.

The neurolanguage coach assists the learner and provokes connections and bridges from native to target language in order to enhance
memory retention and create new neural networks whenever totally new information is being learnt.

And you?
Do you recognize yourself in one of the cases below?

Image by Hamza NOUASRIA

Have you been

learning Italian
still sense the need
to do

further, faster and ad-hoc steps to feel fully confident
speaking it spontaneously

Image by Sincerely Media

Do you need
Italian for


Artem Ismagilov routine before Baikal wi

Are you in a
hurry to
improve the level
of your Italian
as soon as possible?

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Do you want to
add Italian
to the
of languages
you are able
to communicate

Image by Rachael Crowe

Do you
value your time

Image by Icons8 Team

Are you
interested in

reducing the
training costs

in your company?


Do you
want to

the future

language learning?

Image by Jonathan Bean

Are you
in love with Italy

people, style,
culture, history,
landscape, food ...?

If the answer
to one or more of the above questions
is YES



the support of a

Neurolanguage coach®

can be an

excellent solution

for you

in order to make

your Italian language dreams

become true!

Please click on the below button and have a look at the services and packages I offer  

Characteristics of the
Neurolanguage Coaching®
Programmes  Proposed


All programmes are tailor-made
using the initial meeting to draw
the learner's personalized learning path with realistic objectives.
The learner decides the goals, the time-line and the pace.
we work together towards
efficient and effective achievement of the goals.


The method is ideal for

individuals, groups and companies interested in reducing and optimizing language training costs.

Through coaching and neuroscience learning becomes much more effective and lasts longer.


The conversations are and remain confidential between the learner and the neurolanguage coach.

Not only is this important from the ethical point of view, but it's crucial for the creation of a safe, brain-friendly atmosphere.

Contact me for a


I am Alessandro


Polyglot; Mathematician; Knowledge Spreader


More than 25 years of teams leading and management professional experience including financial, supranational and translation sector.

Advanced Neurolanguage Coach®*

certified by

Efficient Language Coaching®* and

accredited by the

International Coaching Federation.


* Efficient Language Coaching® and Neurolanguage Coaching® are registered trademarks held by Rachel Marie Paling.

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